Lodge St. Modan, Rosneath No.1015


In Memoriam



Music from the Enigma Variations IX (Adagio) "Nimrod" by Sir Edward Elgar, circa: 1899

Performed by the Household Troops Band of the Salvation Army conducted by Major John Mott

Bro. John Miller FISKEN MM. LM. Roll No. 486
50 Year Certificate 19/01/2016. Raised: 28/06/2017
Bro. Nicol SCOBIE MM. Roll No. 368
  Raised: 29/11/2015
Bro.  Murdoch McLean SKELLY MM. Roll No. 427
  Raised: 18/10/2015
Bro. Thomas  Palmer HATRICK MM. Roll No. 518
Life Member. Raised: 29/05/2015

Bro. David Mee MM.

Affiliated to Lodge Scoon & Perth No.3, Past Master.

Roll No. 674
Provincial Grand Treasurer, Provincial Grand Lodge of Perthshire-East Raised: 14/05/2015
Bro. Norman Scobie SLEE MM Roll No. 642
  Raised: 12/05/2015
 Bro. Donald Campbell MM.
 Roll No. 512
 Life Member.  Raised: 31/12/2014
Bro. John MUNRO MM. Roll No. 472
  Raised: 25/08/2014
Bro. James WELSH MM. Roll No. 453
 Life Member Raised: 12/10/2013
Bro. Andrew Renfrew Graham THOMSON MM.  Roll No. 683 
Lodge Jeweller Raised: 15/09/2012
Bro. Graham A. C. SMITH MM. Roll No. 654
Affiliated from Lodge St. George Helensburgh No 503.  Raised: 01/07/2012
Bro. Alistair McVEY MM.  Roll No. 384
  Raised: 16/05/2012
Bro. Andrew Baird FERGUSON MM. BEM.  Roll No. 198
Life Member.  Raised: 05/05/2012
Bro. Ronald BAILEY MM.  Roll No. 366
  Raised: ??/01/2012
Bro. William MONTGOMERY MM. Roll No. 554
Life Member. Raised: 12/11/2011
Bro. Ian Cartwright CHARTERS PM.

Roll No. 438.

Life Member - 38th Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: 20/06/2011

Bro. George Alfred CHAPPELL PM.

Roll No. 330.

Life Member - 51st Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: 15/01/2011

Bro. Ronald NEWTON MM.

Roll No. 591.

Life Member.

Raised: 31/05/2010


Honorary Member

Mother Lodge:- The Wear Valley Lodge No.1121 EC.

Raised: 14/02/2010

Bro. Trevor Alfred Harold ELLWOOD FC.

Roll No. 634.


Raised: 08/12/2009

Bro. John, Gunn, MILLER Almoner

Roll No. 630.

Life Member.

Raised: 24/10/2009

Bro. John, Thomas, MARRIS PM.

Roll No. 609.

Life Member - 58th Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: 04/12/2008

Bro. Douglas, Robert, MILNE PM.

Roll No. 622.

50th Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: ??/??/2008

Bro. Thomas McNiven LINDSAY MM. Roll No. 304
  Raised: 11/Jul/2007
Bro. Thomas Bernhard O’BRIEN-BARDEN MM.

Roll No. 581.

Past-Lodge Secretary.

Raised: 30/04/2006


Bro. Brian Allan NEILLY MM.

Roll No. 681.


Raised: 18/05/2005

Bro. Derek Ian Anthony DAUGHTREY MM.

Roll No. 524.


Raised: 13/12/2004

Bro. Hayden John WILLIAMS MM.

Roll No. 568.

Life Member; Past-Lodge Treasurer.

Raised: 09/10/2003

Bro. William Cobly LOVE PM.

Roll No. 561.

Life Member - 60th Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: 06/10/2003

Bro. Angus GILLIES MM.

Roll No. 452.


Raised: 17/10/2001

Bro. Ian Horton DRUMMOND PM.

Roll No. 477.

42nd Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: 17/10/2001

Bro. John Campbell WOOD WJW.

Roll No. 714.


Raised: 02/07/2001

Bro. Andrew Moodie BELLSHAW Snr. MM.

Roll No. 658

Life Member.

Raised: 09/04/2001

Bro. Archibald Henderson CAMPBELL MM. Roll No. 430
  Raised: 27/09/2000

Bro. William DUNN MM.

Roll No. 487


Raised: 02/11/1999


Bro. Ian James FOWLIS WJW.

Roll No. 710.


Raised: 17/04/1998


Bro. John BLACK PM.

Roll No. 715.

Affiliated: - M.L. Lodge Cadder Freestone No. 1584.

Raised: 20/03/1996

Bro. Thomas Forrest RENNIE MM.

Roll No. 457.

Past - Lodge Treasurer

Raised: 16/11/1994

Bro. Thomas Pierson WINTER MM.

Roll No. 631.


Raised: 13/04/1994

Bro. Robert THORBURN PM.

Roll No. 296.

Life Member - 33rd & 37th Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: 09/03/1993



Bro. Thomas LOVE PM.

Roll No. 414.

43rd Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: ??/??/1992



Bro. James REID MM.

Roll No. 623.


Raised: 11/03/1990



Bro. Kenneth Francis John HUTCHINS MM.

Roll No. 404.


Raised: 31/05/1988



Bro. Raymond Gaugh ROSS MM.

Roll No. 574.


Raised: 22/04/1988



Bro. Henry SLEE MM.

Roll No. 355.

Life Member.

Raised: ??/??/1988



Bro. John McLean MM.

Roll No. 257


Raised: 19/07/1986



Bro. John Joseph GILL MM.

Roll No. 507.

Life Member.

Raised: May 1986



Bro. Joseph COWAN PM

Roll No. 349.

Life Member - 34th Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: 22/09/1985



Bro. Alexander Findley KIRKPATRICK MM.

Roll No. 489.

Life Member.

Raised: Aug 1981



Bro. Stephen GLENCORSE MM.

Roll No. 493.


Raised: Oct 1980



Bro. Duncan Robert GRANT MM.

Roll No. 614.


Raised: 05/05/1978



Bro. Arthur William GIBBINGS PM.

Roll No. 291

32nd Right Worshipful Master Bet. 1958-59. Raised: 10/10/1974

Bro. David Scott McKICHEN MM.

Roll No. 408.


Raised: ??/??/????



Bro. Thomas FERGUSON MM.

Roll No. 413.


Raised: ??/??/????



Bro. Robert KENNEDY MM.

Roll No. 395.


Raised: ??/??/????



Bro. John Laurrence YEARLEY PM. Life Member

Roll No. 480.

Affiliated: - M.L. Coila St. Andrew No. 1334 - 40th RWM.

Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. Walter Arthur HATRICK MM.

Roll No. 497

Affiliated: - M.L. Renfrew County Kilwinning Lodge No. 370.

Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. Andrew MELDRUM PM.

Roll No. 500

Affiliated: - M.L. St. John Dunfermline No. 26 - 41st RWM.

Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. Duncan Kirkland TURNER MM.

Roll No. 533.


Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. Alfred Allistone McGHEE PM.

Roll No. 587

48th Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. John McLEAN Snr. MM.

Roll No. 621.


Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. Donald Nicholson JOHNSTONE MM.

Roll No. 632.

Life Member.

Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. Neil MacLean MARTIN MM.

Roll No. 646.


Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. David MARTIN MM.

Roll No. 661.

Affiliated: - M.L. Lodge St. Barchan No. 156.

Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. Robert R. MILNE MM.

Roll No. 663.

Affiliated: - M.L. Lodge Thistle Glasgow No. 87.

Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. George Henry CLARKSON MM.

Roll No. 720.


Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. David Christie CALDERWOOD MM.

Roll No. 538

 Life Member

Raised: ??/??/20??